Reminder of the Basic Principles

As you might know if you have followed through the publication of my Webfolio of reference since 2013, the Codex+Ultra®-sustained reference guide which is mine to put into production this year will be made available in four web catalogues of franchise guarantees reserved for web service providers willing to affiliate at each level.

Meta-Reporting Perimeters

In terms of Earned Value Management, the guarantees of the NetPlusUltra®-sustained master franchise will enable every holder of a web franchise (i.e. web capitalization) license to develop a Webfolio of activities entirely compliant with the franchise network’s mission statement as regards the sustainable renewal of consumed and invested resources.

Net+Ultra® Dashboard

Conceptual Reporting:

Working Time

Production Assets:

Leisure Time

Consumption Liabilities:

Private Spacetimes of Life

The conceptual-separation-of-concerns principle inherent in the NetPlusUltra®-sustained master franchise will enable to guarantee an ongoing optimization of our spacetimes of life and work, through means intrinsically compliant with the requirements of an independent home-based activity of franchised teleworking.

Time for Oneself

Intelligent Design:

Colleagues, Partners

Profolio Configuration:

Family, Relatives

Groupfolio Configuration:

Public Spacetimes of Life

In terms of establishing master-franchise-secured connections and relationships between users and web services providers at each web service level, the NetPlusUltra®-sustained guarantees will provide for safe and sound physical encounters through the virtual points of contact and access to be deployed by franchised members as part of their respective feedback forums across the network.

Time for Others

Intelligent Feedback:

Prospects, Customers

Netfolio Level:

Friends, Acquaintances

Starter Level:


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