Closing Entry

While awaiting completion of a settlement procedure which is only progressing one appeal at a time, I can only confirm right now that my agenda 2022 will be published in January on approximately the same date as this year’s, whereas the present RSS dashboard will be republished at the same time under the corresponding subdomain name ("dashfolio-2021").Continue reading

Happy Holiday Season

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The Fifth Season

Against the background of the year-end budgeting and closing period, and the underlying cassation procedure, I can only confirm so far that I have been busy since early November with the development of my agenda 2022, which will be dedicated - considering the current state of things - to all that should already have been reconfigured at this stage to enable me to inaugurate my web production site on January 1st, 2022.Continue reading

M@ster @dmin

As a logical continuation of the consolidation announced in my recent posts, I performed in October a comprehensive update in form (settings) and content (backups) of my "dedicated Mailfolios" at each web service level (1 to 3), with a view to the upcoming material and technical reconfiguration, considering that the email identifier, together with the web server to which the first provides access, constitute as you know the baseline for the permanent optimization of all secured networking activity.Continue reading

Status Update

A few lines to let you know that the instruction of my request for litigation settlement through refund is still in progress, and that I therefore resumed in September the conversion of my PDF-based "Master Casefolio" to the HTML-enabled output format, considering that an app-enabled and hard-drive-based preview version will be necessary during the production phase in preparation for the development of a final CMS version thereof (1).Continue reading